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Metal Building Systems: How Tyler Building Systems Helped Create a State-of-the-Art Equestrian Center in East Texas

Tyler Building Systems (TBS) helped Oak Haven Farms realize their vision for a state-of-the-art equestrian facility, exceeding their expectations and establishing them as a leading training, showing, breeding, and marketing facility for Arabian horses. 

multi-building equestrian center made from a metal building system


Jason Krohn always knew that his career would involve horses, and he pursued his passion to become a horse trainer. With training services and discipline focused primarily on English, Park, and Driving, he knew he needed to offer horse owners a state of the art facility for training, showing, breeding, and marketing their highly prized Arabian horses. 

Along with Lauren Grabski, Jason sought to build a world-class equestrian center that could showcase their show horses and breeding program in their hometown of Bullard, Texas. They envisioned a facility with cutting-edge amenities and designs that would not only serve their operational needs, but also create an exceptional experience for clients and their horses.

They were looking for a multi-building complex encompassing a riding arena, barns, stalls, riding pens, and more. While they had a clear vision, the initial plans lacked detailed architectural drawings and structural design. The complex project scope involved multiple buildings with intricate design elements, requiring extensive coordination and engineering. And knowing that they weren’t the design-build experts, they understood that their vision would likely evolve throughout the project, likely requiring a building systems partner that would need to adapt to change orders and extensions to the timeline.

multi-building equestrian center made from a metal building system


When looking for a construction partner who could handle the complexity of their project and adapt to their evolving needs, they knew they needed a construction partner who could bring their grand vision for their new equestrian facility to life. They chose Tyler Building Systems (TBS) as their metal building manufacturing partner.

Serving East Texas and the surrounding areas for over 50 years, TBS offered a proven track record and established relationships with local contractors and suppliers, with a customer focus to ensure smooth project execution. TBS offered a comprehensive design-build solution, taking ownership to support the project from engineering through manufacturing and site construction. By demonstrating a willingness to accommodate the ideas for Oak Haven Farms, TBS offered the flexibility and adaptability necessary to work collaboratively toward Jason and Lauren’s vision.

TBS stepped in, working hand-in-hand with their design and engineering team to create and then refine the initial design and develop a comprehensive set of architectural drawings and structural plans. Jay Morris expertly managed the project timeline and budget at TBS, while coordinating with the other subcontractors. It was no easy task, as the client continued to request changes and updates throughout the build. But TBS remained proactive and adaptable, seamlessly adjusting the design and construction plans to accommodate the changing needs of Oak Haven Farms.

Through their collaborative approach and unwavering commitment to quality, TBS turned the client's dream into a reality. The new equestrian facility was not only visually stunning, but also fully equipped to meet the farm's operational requirements. Oak Haven Farms couldn't have been more thrilled with the end result, and they knew they had found the right metal building manufacturing partner.

equestrian riding arena made from a metal building system


The completed Oak Haven Farms facility stands as a testament to TBS's expertise and dedication. The state-of-the-art facility boasts 120 custom stalls, a five-horse exerciser, two round pens, a spacious arena with a viewing deck, and a well-equipped grooming barn. Oak Haven Farms has gained national recognition for its exceptional facilities and training programs, attracting new clientele and solidifying their position as a leader in the Arabian horse industry.

The Oak Haven Farms project exemplifies TBS's commitment to providing innovative and customized metal building solutions. With expertise, flexibility, and dedication to client satisfaction, TBS helped to create a truly exceptional facility that has transformed Oak Haven Farms into a leading force in the Arabian horse industry. 

For more information about how Tyler Building Systems can make your metal building project easier, talk with your metal building experts at (903) 561-3000


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