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Übergrippen Indoor Climbing

Übergrippen opened its first facility in 2017 as a locally-owned small business, with the help of metal building design and manufacturing by Tyler Building Systems, The owners decided that they wanted to bring something to their local community to make it a better place for their neighbors to spend time with their friends and family in an active way. From the first concept of Übergrippen, they made it a point to create a building that wasn't another “gym”, but instead was truly an indoor “crag”. 

  • Use: Indoor Rock Climbing Facility

  • Size: 14,294 square feet

  • Roofing: 2.5:12 slope; 24GA. Ultra-Dek

  • Design Customization:

    • Block and Stone Wainscot, Trim, and Flashing

    • 3.5" Roof and Wall Insulation; Roof and Eave Extension; Parapet Wall; Personnel Doors; Mezzanine

Ubergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag outside entryway
Ubergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag interior climbing rocks
Ubergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag exterior metal building
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